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Navigation Services Development & Caching Layer Implementation

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Wunder Mobility is the world’s leading provider of software and hardware for scooter, bike, moped, and car sharing. The mobility tech company provides robust and feature-rich white-label solutions that enable enterprises, startups and cities worldwide to launch and scale sharable station-based and free-floating fleets to deliver sustainable, convenient and secure mobility.
Company Size
101 - 250
Hamburg, Germany
Project Duration
11 months (Mar 2017 - Feb 2018)
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Spearheaded the development of Wunder's navigation services and caching layer, followed by a complete platform rebuild in Elixir, achieving significant performance improvements and cost reductions.

Wunder - Advanced Navigation Services and Platform Rebuild

My tenure at Wunder involved two major initiatives:

Phase 1: Wunder - Navigation Services Development & Caching Layer Implementation

  • Navigation Services Replacement: Developed an in-house solution, reducing reliance on Google Maps by 90%.
  • Caching Layer: Implemented a caching layer on top of an open-source mapping service, enhancing application performance and resilience.

Phase 2: Wunder Legacy - Platform Rebuild in Elixir

  • Platform Rebuild in Elixir: Rebuilt the entire platform in Elixir, navigating a new programming paradigm.
  • Performance and Cost Optimization: Reduced server usage by 60% and improved latency, enhancing the user experience.

Technologies Used

  • Caching System: Redis.
  • Web Development Framework: Transitioned from Ruby on Rails to Elixir.
  • Orchestration Tool: Kubernetes.
  • Cloud Services: Google Cloud and AWS.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Overcoming Google Maps Limitations: Developed a bespoke navigation system to overcome external dependency.
  • Rapid Elixir Adoption: Transitioned to Elixir efficiently, maintaining platform performance.
  • Optimizing Performance: Achieved significant cost savings and performance enhancements.

Outcomes and Impact

  • Drastically reduced Google Maps dependency and operational costs.
  • Enhanced application performance with a 60% reduction in server usage and improved latency.
  • Successfully migrated to a modern, more efficient programming language and architecture.

This journey with Wunder highlighted my capability to drive significant technological advancements, demonstrating expertise in developing efficient, cost-effective solutions and leading major platform transformations.

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