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Otto GmbH & Co KG (doing business as Otto Group, stylized as otto group, formerly Otto Versand) is a German mail order company and one of the worlds biggest e-commerce companies. Based in Hamburg, it operates in more than twenty countries.
Company Size
50000 - 60000
Hamburg, Germany
Project Duration
46 months (Mar 2019 - Jan 2023)
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Orchestrating a pivot to an event-driven architecture, leading to substantial cost reductions, increased developer satisfaction, and rapid iteration.

OTTOReady - Event-Driven Application Pivot

At OTTOReady, my key achievement was:

  • Transitioning to Event-Driven Architecture: Successfully pivoting our application to be event-driven, which reduced operational costs by approximately 60% and enhanced both developer satisfaction and iteration speed.

My Role

As the lead cloud architect, my responsibilities included:

  • DevOps and Backend Development: Overseeing the DevOps processes and contributing to backend development.
  • Architectural Pivot: Leading the transition to an event-driven architecture.

Technologies Used

The pivot involved:

  • Serverless Framework with Python: Utilizing the Serverless Framework to streamline deployments on AWS Lambda.
  • Amazon Web Services: Extensively using AWS services for a scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Challenges and Solutions

Major challenges were:

  • Time Constraints: Rapidly reworking the application within a tight timeline.
  • Vision Alignment: Ensuring all team members shared a clear vision of the project goals.

Outcomes and Impact

The project resulted in:

  • Successful deployment of the platform to thousands of appliances.
  • Fruitful partnerships with major companies like Siemens and Bosch.
  • A significant boost in developer satisfaction due to the improved architecture and development process.

This project demonstrated my ability to lead significant architectural changes, improving both technical performance and team dynamics, and contributing to the success of the product in the market.

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