Architecting an app to analyze daily flight prices using statistics for cost-effective options.

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Gate04 is a pioneering company in the travel industry, specializing in the development of advanced data analysis applications for flight ticket pricing.
Company Size
1 - 10
São Paulo, Brazil
Project Duration
7 months (May 2023 - Dec 2023)
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Architecting and developing an application for analyzing thousands of flight ticket prices daily using statistical methods to find cost-effective options.

Gate04 - Flight Ticket Price Analysis Application

At Gate04, my primary objective was to develop an application capable of:

  • Analyzing Flight Ticket Prices: Sifting through thousands of data points daily to identify affordable flight tickets using statistical analysis.

My Role

As the Cloud Architect and Full Stack Developer, my responsibilities included:

  • Planning and Architecting the Application: From data ingestion to processing, I designed the entire system.
  • Developing Frontend and Backend: Building the user interface as well as the server-side functionality.

Technologies Used

The project utilized:

  • Cloud Services: Google Cloud and Firebase for scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Programming Languages: Python for data processing and Svelte for frontend development.
  • Data Analysis Tool: BigQuery, for handling large-scale data analysis efficiently.

Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge was:

  • Cost Optimization: Keeping operational costs minimal while processing vast quantities of data. This was achieved by leveraging various Google Cloud products and event-driven architectures.

Outcomes and Impact

The implementation led to:

  • A drastic reduction in operational costs from hundreds of dollars per week to approximately one dollar, without compromising performance.
  • Effective and efficient processing of large data sets, demonstrating my ability to optimize costs while maintaining high performance levels.

This project highlighted my expertise in building high-performance, cost-effective cloud solutions, delivering both technical excellence and significant financial savings.

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