Beer Database, Label Scanner, and Social Network

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Anheuser-Busch InBev, commonly known as AB InBev, is a Belgian multinational drink and brewing company based in Leuven, Belgium and is the largest brewer in the world.
Company Size
160000 - 170000
Hamburg, Germany
Project Duration
14 months (Oct 2015 - Dec 2016)
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rchestrating a multi-phase development project, from creating a comprehensive beer database to developing an AI-powered beer label scanner and a social network for beer enthusiasts.

In the BeHoppy project, I spearheaded a three-phase development process, encompassing:

  • Building a Comprehensive Beer Database: Detailed information on various beer attributes like alcohol content, IBU, etc.
  • Developing a Beer Label Scanner: Implementing an AI-driven label scanner that improved its accuracy based on user feedback.
  • Creating a Social Network for Beer Lovers: An Instagram-like platform dedicated to beer enthusiasts.

My Role and Responsibilities

As the lead on architecture, backend development, and cloud operations, my responsibilities included:

  • Designing and managing the project architecture.
  • Backend development using Ruby on Rails.
  • Managing cloud operations on AWS, using EC2, EKS, and Beanstalk.

Technologies Used

The project was built using:

  • AWS Services: EC2, EKS, and Beanstalk for cloud operations.
  • Programming Language: Ruby on Rails.
  • Databases: Redis and MySQL.

Challenges and Solutions

Key challenges in this project were:

  • Handling Dirty Data: Processing and managing data from diverse sources.
  • Beer Label Recognition: Without established AI tools for label recognition, we developed our own system, supported by an open-source tool, Pastec.
  • Database Management: Ensuring accurate and efficient data storage and retrieval.

Outcomes and Impact

By the time I concluded my involvement:

  • The beer scanner was widely used daily by thousands of people.
  • The social network had gained significant traction among beer enthusiasts.
  • The project’s success showcased my ability to manage complex, multi-faceted technology projects.

Though eventually absorbed into broader company initiatives, BeHoppy marked a significant milestone in blending technology with social engagement.

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